The Rosary is powerful to fight Demons – Fr. Agu

Catholics have been advised to take the Rosary seriously in their daily prayers, as the it will help them fight demons.

Rev. Fr. Isaac Agu, the Parish Priest of St. Therasa’s parish, Hanwa gave the advice in his message on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at Christ the King Catholic Cathedral (CKCC), Zaria during a 3 – day Revival programme organized by the Cathedral.

He narrated his life experience saying, “When I was younger and still growing up, a friend of mine discouraged me from praying the Rosary, saying that my prayers cannot be answered using the Rosary and I believed him. I started seeing demons in my dreams coming after me; what I do not use to see when I was praying my rosary. I had to to go back to my rosary because I knew that was the solution to my problem.” Fr. Agu advised Catholics to always pray the rosary and also take the Mass seriously, which he said is the highest prayer.

The Clergyman further advised Catholics to always receive the body and blood of Christ at Mass as it will help them build their spiritual life. “It is not all about how you pray that your prayers is been answered but how well you pray as a Catholic,” he added.