IG Newman unveils secrets to unlocking God’s favour

Evangelizer IG Newman of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja has called on the faithful to unlock their favour with a lifestyle of sacrifice. He made this call at the end of the year Parish Revival of Sacred Heart Parish (New Jerusalem) which he anchored between Sunday, 5th and Tuesday, 7th December, 2021.

The minister built his message on the topic ‘Provoking Divine Favour” and defined favour as divine partiality that moves one from the slow lane of life to the fast one and that which announces its chosen ones.

“Favour brought me this far,” Evang. Newnan said. “When God favours you, He decorates you and those who fight you will fail. God can bless you without stress but He wants you to do something to provoke Him to action.

“The favour of the Lord will trigger breakthroughs in your lives but you need to make sacrifices because favour follows those who live a life of sacrifice – but it depends on what you sacrifice to.

“There is a level you will provoke God and He will close the doors of your adversaries; order your business to open up and make your testimony to be the order of the day.

“When He favours you, He will cause your products to be hot cake – even if you sell sand. There is nothing anyone can do about it when God swears on you. You may not look like it but when God colours you, those who knew you before now will imagine ‘How Manage?’”

Speaking on the need to prepare themselves for the forthcoming favour, the anchor told them to dust off the dusts of unhealthy past relationships; dress well; wear nice shoes; build and upgrade themselves; quit crying over spilt milk longer than necessary and refuse to allow anyone weigh them down – with special admonition that ‘nobody should make you lose your joy.’

By Olivia Obijiaku