Fr Ikanyi promises new things at St Theresa, Hanwa

Associate Parish Priest of St Stephen’s Catholic Church, Dutsen Wai, Rev Fr Joseph Ikanyi, led the end of the year parish revival of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church, Hanwa Zaria between Friday, 10th and Sunday 12th, 2021 where he hinged his message on the theme “Behold, I will Do a New Thing” in revealing the secrets to experiencing new things.

The priest asserted that nobody grabs new things without beholding, even as he tasked them to look up and watch God transform their ugly situations for good.

“Many of us do not stand the kingdom of darkness because they do not behold,” the priest revealed. “To behold means to stand your ground. The Israelites suffered and spent extra years in the wilderness because they derailed from the way of the Lord and began to worship manmade gods – they forgot I AM THAT I AM!

“You cannot come before the Flaming Fire without being touched but you need to tarry in order to behold. Many of us are so blind that they do not see the Almighty Hand of God at work in their lives. They get discouraged, afraid and look down.

“I don’t know what you are going through, but Gad Almighty is coming to do a new thing. If you want to see new things, you must have the stamina to behold. There are mysteries attached to beholding. It is your responsibility to behold and allow God to do new things.”

Lamenting that many people walk in blindness, the clergyman enlightened them on the need to detach themselves from demonic powers that do not want them to behold by urgently disengaging themselves from evil participation. He told them the devil delights in holding them captive and to change their mentality in order to adapt to the new things that God has begun in their lives.

By Olivia Obijiaku