Fr. Nkom

Fr Nkom bemoans nonchalance towards God; invites the Faithful to a life of devotion and worship

The Associate Parish Priest of Good Shepherd Parish, Graceland Zaria, Rev Fr Benedict Nkom has decried the way and manner in which some Catholics go about their Christian Life. He made this known in his parish on the Sunday of the Epiphany of the Lord, 2nd January, 2022.

The priest cited the three Wise Men who though were astrologers followed the star that led to the New Born Saviour in order to worship and pay Him homage and wondered why some present day Catholics toy with the various stars that now lead them to the Lord.

“The magi were astrologers and the star was something that they saw and went to pay Jesus homage,” Fr Nkom intimated. “It was the observation and the understanding of the star, its movement and an encounter with the Baby Jesus that made the Wise Men not to return to Herod.

“Today, we are celebrating various ways through which God speaks to us in our own time. He speaks to us through His Word, the Bible, the Church and through one another.

“The Church directs us through the Sacraments and other means. That is why we have the priests preaching at each Mass so that the star moves from up there to our hearts.

“We have each other to help and support us to the star. A priest leads to where Christ is. Priests are the stars that lead you to Christ and our efforts will be useless if you do not practise what we preach at homilies.

“Some of us sleep during homily and some leave before the end of the Mass. Some do not even remember what was preached at Mass, even before the Mass is over. If a single star could lead the Wise Men to Jesus then, how much more we who now have many stars? We are so blessed today, yet many of us take these things for granted. The star is always leading to Divine Encounter. What is far has come to us and what was inexpressible is now expressed in our time.

“The star has moved into our hearts where Jesus lives. He wants us to draw close to Him.  Jesus wants us to empty ourselves before Him and not necessarily to offer Him gold. The Wise Men rendered physical gifts to Jesus but their visit would have still been complete without the gift because they worshipped Him. Worship and devotion should be the first things we bring to God.”

Explaining the readings further, the clergy man noted that Herod signifies anything that fights others; some people do not want others to succeed, referencing that while the Wise Men sought, bowed down and worshipped Jesus, Herod sought to kill Him just as some people come to seek God in the Church but others come to destroy others like Herod. He intimated that God will judge the people for many things such as little acts of negligence, nonchalance and lukewarm attitude towards His Son.

Finally, father noted that their lives would be a waste if they do not use the available pointers and find a way to Jesus. He then prayed that the Light of God will continue to shine on them in 2022.


Olivia Obijiaku