Fr Isek charges couples to maintain their marriages on the altar of reciprocal relationship

The Judicial Vicar and the Chairman of Marriage Tribunal of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Isek has called on married couples to oil their union by being honest with one another. He made this call in his parish, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Samaru Zaria, on Wednesday, 19th January, 2022 during the ongoing twenty-one day prayer programme.

The vicar revealed that some marriages suffer because some couples do not share information mutually and encouraged those who are stuck in such practices to have a change of heart and attitude. “Some marriages are suffering because some people were not friends before they got married,” Fr Isek explained.

“Some people have been married for up to twenty years, yet they are not friends – they still keep secrets. Friendship is a reciprocal communication of information. You need to be able to open up to your spouse – no matter how much you quarrel. Nobody knows tomorrow – 2022 is not a time to keep secret. Always share the bed no matter the problem between you and your spouse. Never talk to your spouse anyhow in the public; no matter what they have done to you.

“Don’t keep hurts in your hearts. Some people are still where they are today because they have not forgiven those who offended them. It does not mean you are foolish, when you forgive.  Some of you will be healed the day you cry. God gave you tears so that He can balance you when problems come. It is better to cry than to hold it in your heart. The more you keep things in your heart, the more your lifespan reduces.”

Addressing the stronger sex exclusively, the chairman told them to empty their hearts by crying when the need arises – though not necessarily in public. His words, “Crying makes you live longer. Men tend to die faster than women because they stock more things in their minds while women cry out. Stop holding your tears!”


Olivia Obijiaku