“Use the Name of Jesus as your ticket to freedom in 2022” Fr Mamman charges Christians


Parish Priest of St Enda’s Catholic Church, Zaria, Rev Fr Alfred Mamman, has called on the faithful to make the most of the Name above all other names in 2022. He made this call in his parish on the Optional Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus on Monday, 3rd January, 2022.

Welcoming and informing his ‘closest family of faith’ – daily Mass participants of the resumption to normal morning Masses, after the alterations imposed by Christmas and New Year activities, Fr Mamman explained that a name tells of the bearer’s mission on earth and told them to cling to the Name of the Lord, the Strong Tower where the righteous and their missions are secured.

“Names are powerful,” he declared. “They say things about people who bear them. Jesus means salvation or God saves. Jesus kept talking about His Name throughout the Scriptures and the early Church understood this.

“They healed the sick and raised the dead in the Name of Jesus. The apostles were able to make exploits because they believed in the authority in the Name of Jesus. They came into the idea that His Name is not an ordinary name but one with a divine backing.

“We must begin to apply the Name of Jesus in everything we do. We need to promote His Name throughout this year. It should be our ticket throughout this year. Use it and defeat any challenge that may come your way this year.”

Referencing those who devotedly call the Most Holy Name one hundred times every day, the priest revealed that the devil and his agents hate and cannot stand His Name because it provokes confusion in their kingdoms; assured them that Jesus has given them His Name as their personal weapon; encouraged them to use it judiciously in maintaining their holiness, health, success and freedom from the hands of the wicked.


By Olivia Obijiaku