St Andrew’s Revival: Bro Akor tasks parishioners to seek proper knowledge

A three-day parish revival was held in St Andrew’s Catholic Church, MTD Zaria between Sunday, 27th February and Tuesday, 1st March, 2022 with the theme ‘Oh Lord, Heal Our Land.” Anchoring the event, Bro Gabriel Akor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna tasked Catholics to boost their knowledge of God so that He may respond adequately to them.

He noted that the enemy takes advantage of one’s ignorance of God as the All Powerful and Sufficient Father in frustrating the ignorant lives and maintained that knowing the various aspects of God equips one to invite Him into their specific challenges.

“The knowledge of the Redeemer is enough.”  The minister said. “I may be pointing you to Jesus the Healer when you need Jesus the Redeemer, may you know the Jesus you need for your situation. In case you came to this meeting a beggar, may you know the Holder of the key of provision. Your life is a fountain of your knowledge. No matter the captivity around you, Jesus shall set you free but you must know the Possessor of the keys of David. He holds the key to that particular area you need help. If the commanders of the town are your problem, I am here to announce to you that their Commander is here to command them.”

“Even if your destiny is locked up in the rivers, the doors of Zaria shall be opened for you because Jesus is still the Resurrection and the Life. All He is looking for is someone who will know Him. I came to St Andrew’s to announce to you that your tears will dry. There are aspects of your lives that cause you pains and they can only be corrected by revelation.  God operates in your life according to your knowledge of Him. He is looking for those who will know Him.”

“Knowledge changes your perception.  Those who know God behave in a certain way. When Moses met God on the mountain, he went back to Egypt by that knowledge and he was not defeated.  David was never afraid because he knew and trusted God. Some of you have been negotiating with the devil because you do not know your Father. All you need is to know the Holder of the key of David.”

Assuring that God will reveal Himself to them in their quiet moments and that their testimonies will keep multiplying with proper knowledge, the anchor encouraged them keep to prayers, the Word and the Sacraments and watch how God will manifest their power over their lives.

By Olivia Obijiaku