“Christmas is not all about eating and drinking” – Fr Duniya

Rev Fr Henry Duniya has reminded the faithful the true essence of the celebration of the birth of Jesus at the Mass he officiated in St Enda’s Catholic Church Zaria on Thursday, 23rd December, 2021.

The priest leaned on the day’s Gospel which was centred on the birth of John the Baptist and explained that the forerunner of the savior was an interpreter of the Mission of Christ.

“The voice of the Church is the voice of John the Baptist,” Fr Duniya said. “He was indeed the siren that came to tell the world of the coming of Jesus Christ. Christmas Eve is meant for you to welcome Him and to open your heart to Him. Be ready to welcome and receive Him!

“Christmas does not just mean eating and drinking. It is a time we must welcome Him into our hearts so that He can transform us. Those of you who are here are lucky – for coming to prepare for His coming.”

He then tasked them to go and tell the world that Christ is coming to save them and prayed that the grace to carry out such mandate may be poured on them..

By Olivia Obijiaku