College of Consultors

Diocesan college of consultors is a certain number of priests in each diocese who act as official advisers of the bishop in certain matters pertaining to the administration of the diocese. The matter concerning college of consultors is regulated by canon 502 of the new Code of Canon Law. Therein the law stipulates that from among the members of the presbyteral council, the diocesan bishop freely appoints not fewer than six (6) and not more than twelve (12) priests, who are to constitute the college of consultors for five years. However, this college continues to exercise its functions until a new college is constituted. The rationale behind establishing a college of consultors in every diocese is the difficulty of convoking the council of priests in all cases, especially in the most urgent matters; a smaller group would facilitate greater agility in consultation. Here are the members of the college of consultors for the Catholic diocese of Zaria and when or how often they meet in a year is determined by pastoral need and necessity:

  1. Most Rev. George Jonathan Dodo– Local Ordinary
  2. Fr. Henry Atuma – Vicar General
  3. Fr. Augustine Isek– Judicial Vicar
  4. Fr. Peter Tanko – Dean, Samaru Deanery
  5. Fr. Michael Kagarko – Finance Officer (Procurator)
  6. Fr. Lawrence Gana Bakut – Dean, Sabon Gari Deanery
  7. Fr. Emmanuel Ezema – Dean, Ikara Deanery