Rev. Fr. Raymond Victor Allahmagani (08068927400)

Evangelizer Pius Auta. (08096360011)

Bro Philip Elijah (09096728856)

CBAN as a body in the Catholic diocese of Zaria meet thrice in year for now. The first meeting in the year comes up in February, the second in June, while the third one is in the month of September to celebrate the Feast of St. Jerome.

The Catholic Biblical Apostolate of Nigeria (CBAN) is the brainchild of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN). CBAN was established by CBCN to serve as an umbrella body that coordinates and synergizesthe activities of all existing Biblical Movements and Associations in the dioceses in Nigeria, so also it is in the Catholic diocese of Zaria. From the parish through the Deanery to the Diocesan level.These movements and Associations include:

The Catholic Biblical Movement of Nigeria (CBMN)

  • President: …………………..

Catholic Biblical Instructors Union (CBIU)

  • Humbler Servant: Ayourim Lawrence Ikie (07068962372)
  • Secretary: Francis Ajibo (08067726230)

The Catholic Lectors Association of Nigeria

  • President: Lector Philip Elijah (09096728856)

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria

  • Coordinator: Apollos Ogbobe(08032880682)
  • Secretary: Regina Toroma (07032850820)

Association of Catholic Train Evangelizers of Nigeria (ACTEN)

  • Coordinator: Evangelizer Paul Alika (08037021075)
  • Secretary: Betty Daniel (08160992177)

Catholic Evangelizers Bible Study Society(CEBSS)

  • Coordinator: Evangelizer Donatus Okpe (08096441118)
  • Secretary: Bro. Solomon Azandi (07035138703)

It is to bring all the Biblical Apostolate together as a family, that as we evangelize, to share, and encourage ourselves to strive towards translating the Word of God into action.


The biblical Apostolate aim at fashioning out the people for whom the good news of Jesus Christ is a living experience. In every given opportunity, Christians hears the word of God. Its challenges their lives but often do not give up to this challenge and so the word of God does not guide their day to day living. In the mess of our materialistic world, it is often the case that the gospel of Jesus Christ is looked upon as “old fashion”; yet the message is ever new and ever fresh, it is the same today as it was for the early Christians for many years ago. The only difference is that it has to be interpreted within the context of our time as well as within the context of our individual cultures. It is this truth that the Biblical Apostolate has come to bring to our awareness.

The Biblical Apostolate comes to renew Christians and Catholics in particular. It comes to make them gospel-oriented as the early Christians were, to make them love Jesus and his way of life. Thus, this apostolate aim at creating the real “Jesus People” the people who commit themselves to the life of Christ. The focus here is on commitment.

Thus the Biblical apostolate exhorts, encourages and leads Catholics in particular to read, study, reflects and above all, live the message of Christ. One characteristic aspect of this apostolate is that once a person gets immersed in the word of God and consequently get soaked in the way of Jesus, he cannot contain this word. He is too small a vessel to contain its message. The word necessarily flows out and touches other members of the Christians faithful. Hence, the Biblical Apostolate brings about a new out pouring of the Holy Spirit in the church. Its ultimate aim is the total renewal of the whole Church in the Spirit of new evangelization.